This year has been a mixed bag for me. I got a lot, more that I actually imagined and for that I am grateful to the Almighty Allah. I feel very blessed. I also didn’t get a lot of the things I wanted,I guess life is not always cut out the way we want it, which is ok. Always knowing what’s coming is not always a good thing.

So in a nut shell I learnt the power of prayer and perseverance. I also learnt the art of waiting for the right moment, because life is unpredictable. I learnt people never tell you the absolute truth, that’s just how people work. We all do it. I learnt it’s very necessary to know and love oneself entirely selfishly because charity begins at home. I learnt friendship can take many forms and it sometimes comes disguised as the enemy and vice-versa.

The biggest lesson for me however is that sometimes God takes control of the wheel, so we can rest our anxious souls. Life is a journey, not a race. The grass may look greener on the the side, that means they have a load more shit to deal with! Be thankful.

Live and let live…… And spread a little kindness while you are at it. Here is to another year. Happy Holidays