My friends think “am nice” but they are my friends so they are biased. Just to dispel my near heaven angelic status, here is the tip of the iceberg of what I don’t like:

  • I don’t like “snobbery”. The kind you see with people with “new” money, we all know that really rich people don’t have to demonstrate how really rich they are.
  • I don’t like “I know it all” kind of people, they just talk too much without realizing people have stopped listening.
  •  I don’t like “i got no balls” kinda people, they say one thing when they clearly mean something else, not correcting you when you make the wrong assumption, knowing fully well you are reading from different  hymn sheets.
  • I don’t like lying kinda people, but I can tolerate them, hey…we are all a bunch of serial liars to get through life, it’s necessary.
  • I don’t like “I keep a grudge” kinda people, frankly they are too dangerous to hang around with, one minute you are walking down the canal together and next she remembers something you did a century ago and accidentally trips you up, and since you never learned to swim you almost drown.
  • I don’t like ugly shoes. It’s a criminal act.
  • I however like gossip. Don’t judge me, life is boring, and I know you all have twitter, facebook, instagram, tumbler and keek (don’t get me started on keek!)
  • I obviously like love, worship adore pie, pie is heaven on a plate.