These are not my words but are beautifully written….


For those who are not frightened by the solitude, everything will have a different taste.

 In solitude, they will discover the love that might otherwise arrive unnoticed. 

In solitude, they will understand and respect the love that left them. 

In solitude, they will be able to decide whether it is worth asking that lost love to come back or if they should simply let it go and set off along a new path.

In solitude, they will learn that saying ‘No’ does not always show a lack of generosity and that saying ‘Yes’ is not always a virtue.

And those who are alone at this moment, need never be frightened by the words of the devil: ‘You’re wasting your time.’

Or by the chief demon’s even more potent words: ‘No one cares about you.’

The Divine Energy is listening to us when we speak to other people, but also when we are still and silent and able to accept solitude as a blessing.

And when we achieve that harmony, we receive more than we asked for.


Gather Ye Rosebuds

Came across this and fell in love with the message, I adore poetry. It’s by Robert Herrick.To me, he is saying time is of the essence, make the most of today, live, being youthful is but a fleeting moment.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
The higher he’s a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he’s to setting.

That age is best which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time,
And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may for ever tarry.

Simply The Best


Well, I take the crown, first class position, gold medal for the slackest blogger. My zest for life and enthusiasm for writing go hand in hand. I am the kind of girl that needs “orderliness” and “stability” and “preparedness”, which is ironic because I never plan anything, well that’s not true, am not a natural planner but always have a rough idea of what I want and when I want it to happen. I am also chief mistress of the global procrastinating body, sometimes I want to slap me! But I don’t, I like my cheekbones, they look amazing in the right lighting….am serious.

Anyhoos, am too chilled to be bothered by what should happen, maybe that’s my saving grace…or maybe not, depending on what day of the week it is.

All I know is that I feel good about my life right now, I know…am darn right shocked to the core myself. But I have to admit, Allah has blessed me and I am going to be the happiest chick you’ve ever met. Am going to smile and live and eat and exercise and love and play and…shop, let’s not forget shopping, it is paramount to the simple pleasures in one’s life.  I jest…

What am trying to say it that, everyday is a blessing, and those of us lucky enough to see another day should make the most of it. Life is a gift, which in itself is enough for an epic celebration.

Affirmation of the day: I am simply the best …..repeat ten times if in doubt 🙂

Making a Change – Quiet Passion

I found the video above on my friends blog, Ms ShonaVixen. She inspired me.

To make a change, to improve, to move forward and push through life, needs actions and goals. I am not a planner by nature, which is strange considering my career choice which involves logical and systematic  methodical sequences in carrying out activities. Everything has a standard which has to be followed.

It is inevitable that a point will come where my own needs above that of  what i do for my daily bread will come at logger heads and one must win,  i am two people in one body, two brains, two personalities, two lives. When i was young, i loved being smart, i loved being in the top ten in class. I came first in my seventh grade and that night, i remember feeling like a rock star. I have lost that zeal to learn, that curiosity, that drive.

What i am getting to is this, i had passion and although i didn’t know even then what i wanted to be, i approached life with vigour. Nothing was impossible. I was indestructible.

How did that girl, become this woman who has just accepted that she might just stay still while life passes by, while times tick tocks and sweeps aways that passion?

So, for the past few months, i’ve gone through this period of reflection, awareness and have realised i haven’t really changed from that girl. I have just become lazy and have been self enabling to stay still. I cannot make a change for the better if i do not work toward making that change happen.

I am blessed with more than i can imagine. Everything that i envisioned in my life has not been realised, but that does not mean it will not happen. Yes, there are obstacles,  but we all know life is not a bowl of cherries, sometimes it’s literally awful. But what remains is this, we, me, you are the only people who can make what we want into reality. Take steps to achieve what we want, how we want it and work hard to get there.

The outcome, might not be as prescriptive as i write it now, it might not even look like what i dreamed about but the result may just be what i really need. So, i am making changes in small ways and big ways in myself.

For the next 30 days i am taking a challenge to:

Apply for a job everyday.

Exercise everyday.

Pray and say thank you to my God everyday.

Go to bed early and wake up early everyday.

Find something positive in my life everyday.

Learn something new everyday.

These may seem mediocre in some ways, but to me they are vital stepping-stones in setting goals and realising them. In doing this i will try to learn to improve what i have to get what i want. Work towards gaining that zest i had for life once more. I want to see me, as i use to be. Full of quiet passion.

Operation Firm Buttocks!

I should be working but my brain is tired, my eyes are closing by themselves and am scared i’ll fall asleep and knock myself out on my desk, so am taking a break to write here, in my chill out zone until i can vamoose from this prison office.

Last year some time,due to desperation and bad decision making i did the master cleanse and lost about 20 pounds, i’d never felt more like a skinny ass bitch than then, i loved it, i had a flat tummy and strutted my topshop skinny jeans every where all summer. Alas gone are those days, i have piled ALL the weight back on. Crash dieting is awful and only produces short term results, i’ve learnt the hard way. Will i do it again?  NEVER!!!!!

I have two exercise dvd’s to work out to, am going to do a little experiment, if i exercise everyday for the next ten days will i lose the same amount of weight similar to when i did the master cleanse, hmmm….

My brother says i may lose my spleen because the last time i exercised was when i was 9 and was being chased by our neighbours dog  nicknamed “hyena” due to his affinity for human blood. I had to take a tetanus injection because of it, yes, it caught be once and bit my arm! i thought i was going to be eaten alive!!!

Anyway i digress, i am starting the plan today, 40 mins of exercise everyday for the next ten days, i will weigh myself tonight and put the stats up later this week, will take other measurements too, maybe, don’t want to share the size of me ass with the whole world but might have to due to scientific reasons lol! ……..

I miss my firm buttocks, they jiggled so marvelously once upon a time #sigh 😦

Below are the two dvd’s i’ll be using, i heard Jillian Michael workouts are a killer, hope i don’t give myself  a hearth attack or break  my knee caps.

Am not just exercising, losing weight and eating right go hand in hand, so will be sticking to 1200 calories a day eating healthy stuff, oh gosh am so going to miss friday night pizza’s #sniff. Must go to the shops tonight  to stock up on fresh veggies, brown rice, beans etc etc……

Operation banish fat resumes!

Hello world…its been a while

I haven’t blogged in a long time, so very ashamed for abandoning it but life has been really really busy……….but am back. I have been really busy, i have my own online business and it demands some of my time, work is busy too as we are winding down for xmas and am also writing for an online magazine called sistazmag, go there and check it out. Its fabulous!

Life has been go go go and i am just beginning to catch my breath. Today, i had a really relaxing day, watched tv and just generally chilled out. Been trying to lose weight too because i have piled on the pounds :(, so its cardio and healthy eating. I am an gambian girl who loves her food, carbs are a necessary fuel, meat and chicken definitely have to be with lunch or dinner otherwise the meal is  a side dish. Veggies…well veggies are eaten but not really craved. Luckily i don’t have a sweet tooth otherwise am sure i’ll be wearing size 24 jeans right now.

In my quest to become healthy from the inside out, here is something i made earlier. My very own vegetarian casserole, found the recipe on bbc food but i tweaked it a bit and added my own twist. It came out delicious……………….


  • 1 large onion
  • leek-half a stalk
  • 1 carrot
  • butternut squash
  • yellow split lentils ( boiled earlier)
  • cherry tomatoes
  • thyme
  • mustard seeds
  • stock cubes–i use maggi cubes
  • black pepper
  • hot chilli pepper- powdered or bonnet
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Step 1: Chop all ingredients

Step 2: Caramelise onions and add leeks, cherry tomatoes and carrots.  Also add mustard seed, black pepper, chilli, thyme and 3 small stock cubes to the the caramelised onions. The smell is amazing!

Step 3: Mix well and then add the lentils and add a bit of water to help all the ingredients absorb the flavours.

Let it simmer for about 5 mins, taste it for falvour….i added one more stock cube at this point

Step 4: Then add the butternut squash and add enough water the cover all the ingredients, simmer for about 30 mins.

Step 5: Then wala…!!!!!!!, its was divine and warm and filling. Just what you need on a cold winter evening. Yummy 🙂

I went for seconds too :). I am a big meat eater. in which i mean i can eat chicken 7 days a week if am allowed but was pleasantly surprised on the taste of this dish. You can replace the lentils with couscous or bulgar wheat. If you decide to use cous cous, i recommend you prepare it separately and serve it with the casserole. Delicious filling meal at  low calories too. Tommorrw am going to get some skinny cow ice-creams, heard they are awesome.

Have a fabulous week luviesss………. muah xx

Summery feelings

Its June 7th, my first day back into the office because I’ve been working on a construction site for the past 6 months, part of being an engineer, us the office folks are sent out once in a while to get our hands dirty! I am so happy to be back in the office, missed the cakes and tonnes of cups of coffee hehehehe….

It’s officially summer in Jand and we are all tripping, in the office today are various mad outfits to testify to this

Girl one: wearing shorts with lacy tights underneath, a red beret and open toe sandles, she walks in and the whole office stopped for a few seconds, the shorts are really short! Think dancehall…

Girl two: wearing really long flowing summer maxi dress with huge beads around her neck and slippers, I think she looks really nice but she is jiggling all over the office… cute lol

Boy one: Wearing really tight skinny jeans with a t-shirt that says “ I am build like Buddha”…. There is no irony in that statement, he actually looks like a mini Buddha… I love British humour so cut throat.

Me: my mini skirt ( it’s hot sha) lol… my strippy black and white shirt and very geeky glasses, Funnily enough I blended in with the rest of the office folks. It’s Monday and usually everyone is in a tie and shirt or strutting their stuff in pencil skirts and click clocking with their heels. Nope, not today, the British summer is here and we will embrace it with the utmost rigour

I just discovered the soul legend that is musiq souldchild, oh my days…… where has he been all my life. Last night he tucked me into bed with his soulful lyrics, I woke up feeling all warm and smiley this morning.

He gave me a dose of summer, hope it lasts all week at the very least. If you are reading this, I have planted a big sesky smooch  on your cheeks xxxxxxx

Spread the love, make someone’s day a little brighter today…..

 I leave you  with these famous words from Buddha:

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.

Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.


Jigsaw brain

One day, not long ago hands were held and smiles emerged as wide as a new day.

It was like day was night and night was day, everything was not what it seemed and things could not be phantomed.

Hand it hand the lovers walked through a maze of people, but……….. not once, noticing anyone but themselves.

He could only live if she did, she was him, he was her.

Then came the dusk, when the grey lines of the night sky and the morning sun converge to bring out the dust from the night and the dew of the morning. 

They separated, like rain from the clouds, in great big splashes.

Suddenly the night became night, the day opened up, in its sleepy haze and both lovers realised that indeed dreams where but just……………only dreams.

*It’s 1am, i can’t sleep and this is what my fingers typed!! lol….i must be going bonkers “or worse”………..oh god, please don’t let it be “or worse”.

The right “one”…



I went to my best friend’s wedding this weekend gone by and had a blast. She looked gorgeous and in love and he looked handsome and in love. There was no doubt that these two each have been lucky to find each other.

This got me thinking, well am always thinking but in honed in my thoughts a little. I have been told that i am too picky, i look at the physical, and I tend to stick to what I like. Do not get me wrong, i can be picky but it’s not based on the physical only. And to be honest we are all picky, that’s how we make choices. To get what you want you must seek it. I mean if you want to buy a car first you look at how much money you have to spend and then types of cars you can afford. If you know the type of man/woman you want then you look at the traits you need in him/her setting out the eligible men/women for you.

It seems all my friends including me want to be wed, it’s a natural thing, no one wants to be alone for the rest of their life and love is a necessary human condition. We live for it, it sustains us.

My fear in this realisation is that i think my list is thinning out or at best being contaminated. All of a sudden i cannot phantom to my needs or wants. What exactly is the “one”? I realised i would like someone who mirrors the traits. I can be too passive so i need someone more proactive, i can be moody so i need someone who is more chilled out. I can be forgetful so i need someone who is organised.

My needs fuel my wants but they are never clear cut. I cannot seem to climb over the fence of the first stages of the beginning of relationships. It seems i have little or no practice in getting my steps right at the beginning so it never really goes a step further. I live in relationship purgatory. It never gets too bad or too brilliant.

The fear of compromise breaks me out in a sweat because i fear i may give everything and lose everything. To give in and then fall through a maze of unknown realms is scary. I do not know where to start so how do i begin in a land of no knights.

Perhaps i am prepared but not ready….. I wonder.

Morning Grace

Today i woke up with a certain sense of reassurance, not about anything in particular, i opened my eyes and although tired to the bone i have this feeling something good is on its way. I am not psychic so i have no idea what this good thing is but just for the peace of mind that has presented itself, i am grateful and humbled at the same time.

It never ceases to amaze me what God does, in the strangest of times. He performs little miracles everyday in our lives,  a lot of which goes unnoticed because we are too busy trying to gain more or wanting something more.

The last month has been a tiresome one for me, both physically and emotionally but i kept telling myself this “i trust you lord”

Every time i wake up in the morning and is overwhelmed with all the problems i think i need to solve i say “i trust you lord”.

 I’ve stopped using my prayer mat for specific prayer requests! Although i still want that Chanel bag.. Lol….

Now when i pray i end it with, thank you for my life, thank you for your grace. This is a little something i wrote:


Your grace shrouds me, wraps itself over my pain, lifts my spirits and eases my yearnings.

Thank you lord for your grace

Your grace stills my anxious soul; shield my shame and my shortcoming every day. You keep me from falling.  Thank you lord for your grace

Your grace clears my path, makes me look up even when my eyes are being forced to be cast down. Thank you lord for your grace

You have given me exceedingly, protected me fiercely, blessed me abundantly

Thank you lord, for your grace.

Thank you for your blessings.

Thank you for your love.

I hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you. Remember you are uber fabulous  xxx